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.Map geht offline
21.11.2009 - 13:00 von cubus

"Auch .map wird eingestellt!"

Traurige Nachrichten.... :(
Eine weitere, große Modding-Seite der MoH-Szene wird demnächst aus den Favoritenleisten und Linklisten verschwinden.... DOT-Map - auch bekannt als ".map" - wird zum Ende dieses Monats den Betrieb einstellen und vom Hoster abgeschaltet.

Hier die originale Ankündigung von JV_map:
Posted by jv_map on 18.08.2009 at 04:39
This has been known behind the scenes for a little while, but today I have to bring everybody the sad news: we are about to be closed down. The reason is that IGN/Gamespy are terminating the hosted site service we enjoy. The closing date is August 31st, 2009.
It remains uncertain if .Map still has a future. Today I have requested a complete database export which, provided we can find a suitable host, can (in theory) be used to reinstate .Map (in its current form) at a different web address. For the moment I cannot promise anything, as the website is unfortunately not easily moved. IGN tech support has advised me to close down the forums from now onwards, so no posts will be lost in a migration. However I prefer to leave them open as long as possible, please bear in mind posts made after *now* might be lost in the migration process. Finally a major word of thanks to all our members that have made .Map a pleasant and helpful site for its 7 years and 3 months of existence. Not bad by any account . It's been a great time for me personally, I hope everybody enjoyed it as much. Thank you!!

Wir trauern um den Verlust dieser Seite, da sie doch in all den Jahren als Anlaufstation für Probleme , Tricks und Tipps diente. Nicht zu vergessen die umfangreiche Tutorial-Sammlung für jedermann. Wer also noch Interesse an der MoH-Serie hat, hier nochmal der Link zu .map Schade! ;(

Berry & Cubus
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